Data Privacy and Security Educational Resources

What are the best tool guides and educational resources on privacy and security in your opinion, and why?

Privacy Guides seems to have excellent tool recommendations backed by rigorous criteria, whereas the Surveillance Self-Defense guide by the Electronic Frontier Foundation appears to be more educational and concept-focused, albeit less detailed in its tool recommendations. What are your thoughts on other guides, like this one? Are there any comparably good resources? Some of them may be hidden gems.

I got started with the Mike Bazzell’s Intel Techniques podcast and ended up buying his privacy book too. It is a big book, but the info is good and gets regular updates on their website. I definitely have more to learn but I think this was a nice place to begin.


Seems like an excellent resource, unfortunately, at this current moment, I definitely don’t have time to read this, would resources like this suffice I also don’t like the mention of Hollywood and FBI in the book, but not really a big deal.

This website might be the absolute best Educational Resource I have came across when it comes to privacy, and anonymity.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Online Anonymity.
It’s really a good read if you ever get the chance.


Another amazing educational resource would be the Whonix Documentation.

They break everything down to an understandable level, and there are heaps upon heaps of information in there.

This may sound silly but, for security, especially for a more intro level understanding, I think using educational videos for IT certifications is a really nice way to learn about it.

For example, Professor Messer has wonderful educational videos for all the foundational CompTIA certifications. Perusing the Security+ videos will give you a lot of info about security basics.

Thank you so much guys keep running them in. Sounds like the hitchhiker one and the videos are a good way to go!