Cromite (Bromite fork)

Fair enough, but i know there was a discussion about it here: Mull (Android Browser) + Criteria Change

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uazo’s reply -

@rollsicecream in any case interesting discussion on that forum.
with regard to the table where [Fingerprinting] protection is marked with enhanced and not strong, If it is the divestos one, it is made without any technical basis.
Divested-Mobile/DivestOS-Website#11 (comment)

Bromite Basic Fingerprinting Protection · Issue #11 · Divested-Mobile/DivestOS-Website · GitHub

There is no study or in-depth technical analysis here or even definition of my categorization, the labels are just based off of my understanding.
I’m not saying I am right here, I’m asking you as the author of many of the patches for clarification.

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Same way: why shouldn’t we trust him?

Theres a saying in Portuguese that would more or less translate to “the prudent die from old age”. In other words, one should have a skeptical/prudent approach toward life, and not blindly trust strangers


Linux build is live. :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

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Currently, there is an open pull request for adding Cromite to the Mobile Browsers recommendations page.

I think that @jonah and @dngray asked about the timeliness of Cromite’s updates in the PG main Matrix room, so here is a simple table comparing how quickly some Android browsers apply updates from upstream Chromium, based on data from the recent Chromium releases:

Downstream Android browser Chromium version Release date for new Chromium version[1] Release date for downstream Android browser[2] Catch-up time for downstream Android browser[3]
Vanadium 121.0.6167.164 2024-02-05 19:52:41 2024-02-06 16:48 UTC ~ 1 day
Cromite Same as above Same as above 2024-02-09 07:07 UTC ~ 3 days
Brave Same as above Same as above 2024-02-07 07:16 UTC ~ 1 day

  1. Sourced from Refs - chromium/src - Git at Google ↩︎

  2. Sourced from GitHub releases ↩︎

  3. The times listed here are approximate since the pages documenting the Chromium releases use static times for their release dates. That is, the pages show the same release time when viewing them on Mullvad Browser (which reports timezone to be UTC) and non-Arkenfox Firefox (which reports timezone to be the one set by the system). ↩︎


Just to bring light to a small con of cromite that it does not support webuthn or passkeys probably due a proprietary blob used in upstream chromium for implementing webuathn/fido2 . This issue existed in Bromite as well and the developers are trying to look for an alternative implementation without using proprietary blobs.

Passkeys are becoming popular and more websites are brining support for it.
Not a deal breaker for me currently but i hope the devs work through this and implement this in near future so i don’t have to be dependent on Brave.


Cromite should be recommended because it provides something Brave doesn’t - native android autofill without play services. This is a massive thing they patched that brave hasn’t done and I dont think that will change anytime soon

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There might actually be some work being done on this, based off the GitHub issue being randomly self-assigned last week. I do hope it is resolved, it’s definitely an issue.


I tested Cromite yesterday and noticed it removed completely Safe Browsing option. I prefer Brave that is proxying it trough their own servers, rather than disabling it completeky.

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Cromite can’t have Safe Browsing because it doesn’t include proprietary Google Play Services library.

Fair enough, Brave do NOT proxy on Android

I ran a test on
and Cromitewas significantly worse than Brave. Why using AdBlock Plus instead of uBo ?

You can add additional filters to block more ads and trackers. That is Cromite:

Coveryourtracks test results are not meaningful. It’s best to ignore this site. But yeah, Brave’s Adblocker is superior, also because it is more secure.


Correct. Actually all fingerprint test sites
Here’s why.
I have few more links. Whoever’s interested just send DM.
Not the topic here.
Just a reply on testing specific browsers, in this case Cromite, on those sites.

I disagree that those test are meaningless. I guess to refer to the fingerprintabilty bits, which is effectively not representative of the reality since it only reflects this website visitor.

But the tracking tests are objective. Yes I can enable extra filters, but for a browser that blocks many privacy-harmful settings, it’s surprising to see it come at such a low tracking protection default.

Does AdBlock pays to be the default adblocker? Ms Edge Mobile also use Adblock instead of ubO

I remember uazo saying he chose adp because it was written in c++ , and adding support for ubO would require enabling extensions (as it’s written in JS). he also removed the Acceptable ads portion of the code. link to the GitHub issue where it’s discussed

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