Critics got banned from r/tutanota

Yesterday a number of paying customers got banned from r/tutanota.
The given reason was the mod claimed we were a “vote manipulation gang”. What was happening is we were criticing something Tutanota did to a paying customer and Tutanota needed an excuse to shut us up. Sad.
I upgraded my Proton account yesterday to a paid tier and migrated all my accounts over.
Tutanota lost all my trust and respect over this.

If anyone wants to go read the thread.

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I don’t understand, Tuta banned your Tuta email accounts, right? But why exactly? And why do some people think Tuta and Proton are honey pots?

You lost all trust and respect because some random Reddit mod did some goofy stuff?


Unrelated to the thread, but afaik just because they’re privacy-oriented services and most services that are designed for anonymity get accused of being a honeypot, lol.

Never used Tuta but this is a rough look. I think I’ll stick with Proton :grimacing:

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r/tutanota is list on Tutanota’s website as the place where customers go to offer feedback. Seems likely the mods of such a sub would be employees of Tutanota.

Banning critics and lying about the reason for doing so, most certainly, will not build trust.

You feel differently, that’s cool.

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I think it’s good how Tutanota have an official subreddit. You can post criticisms and get somewhat official, and public, responses quickly.

The reason why more companies don’t do it is because it puts too much weight on the spokesperson. In this case, it seems they fucked up and now have many people renouncing their subscriptions as a result. Then they appear to be digging a hole for themselves publicly, which would never happen if the company did not have an official reddit mod, as others tend not to and this is why I believe.

I am relieved to find you just banned from the Reddit - I thought it was your email account which was deleted as reported here: (which made me not want to get Posteo)

Which leaves me with Proton, the most capitalistic of all.

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I do like it when a company has a sub and are active as well as open to feedback. Perhaps the mod was having a bad day.

Losing my email over this would have sucked for sure. Thanks for the heads up on Posteo.

I know I don’t like Proton’s marketing. One of their black friday deal offered 30% off (I don’t recall the exact amount). The offer was for a monthly plan while just paying the regular yearly would have made the “deal” just 40 cents cheaper.

I feel that – and one of the things I like about Mullvad is that they don’t do discounts at all. But marketing aside, are the claims about Proton Mail’s security true and verifiable? I care more about the security/privacy than how they calculate discounts.

+1 on Proton Mail. I’ve used it for a few years now, it’s solid.


Mullvad is awesome (I almost typed Mullbad)
I’ve had a free Proton account for about 2 years so I expect my paid plan to work just as good.
Not a fan of Proton’s android app on a tablet but one can’t have everything. lol