Copy link button puts your username in the link

The chain icon to copy a link of the post/comment to the clipboard seems to put your username at the end of the link (e.g. “?u=anonymous127”). This is probably a discourse default feature but I think this should be removed as it seems to be an unnecessary identification mechanism.


Good catch. For now the best thing for users to do is to just manually remove it when sharing links.

Gonna tag @jonah and @dngray about this because they probably missed this post and I do think this would be a quick fix.

There was a reason for this I think but… whatever, it’s now removed :+1:

The reason (at least partly) was to award the ‘shared’ badge for sharing a link outside the discussion board

Sure it also contributes probably to overall reputation but I think it’s better turned off. We’re here to share privacy not to get points and badges.

I never said i was in favor of the feature, I was just pointing out what in was in part used for

I know don’t worry :slight_smile:

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