Remove tracking elements from URLs

No updates for almost a year.

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For those that prefer less extensions there are two lists that can be used with uBO to accomplish much but not all of what this extensions does:

Dandelion Sprout’s Actually Legitimate URL Shortener list and Adguard URL Tracking Protection.


Tried ClearUrls but could not see the benefit. Using setup as xe3.
With NoScript (testing). But probably will end up with good old ublock.

Won’t be adding this, it’s not necessary with uBlock’s removeparam option.


Indeed. AdGuard url tracking protection or Actually legitimate URL Shorterner lists can be used. Tbh, I am not sure if there is a difference with regard to functionality.

Edit: Bloody typos.

Is this setup “good”? :thinking:
Not sure if using this filter list simplifies it:

Privacy Guides already list it on their listing of uBlock Origin.

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