uBO default lists updated

Since PG published their recommendation for uBO, the add-on has removed Adguard’s Tracking Protection Filter from its list of default filters. It was done because of a (in my opinion) silly squabble between the AG people and uBO people.

I think it would be helpful if PG at least mentioned a link to the filter list to include in their list of filters to include manually.

Anyway, I think the Tracking protection filter is pretty useful and thought I’d bring up this topic here. I’m not affiliated with Adguard, uBO or any blocker/list maintainer. I’m just a guy who likes his privacy and finds this list useful… thought others might too.

Edit: I had url links to most of these things but there is a limit of two links per post? Why is that artificial limit in place? To prevent backlinks?

Was AdGuard Tracking Protection enabled by default before in uBlock Origin, or was it an optional list?

It was one of the default lists which was activated upon installation. Previously, a user did not have to do anything for the list to be enabled. But now, it isn’t even an option for users.

Just checked the commit you linked again, that isn’t what it looks like to me, see line 178. If it wasn’t enabled by default before then we didn’t recommend it, because we only recommend two non-default filter lists at the moment.

Yes, I see that.

But according to that same key-value pair, 100% of the AG lists are off by default. I might be completely mis-remembering things, but I could have sworn that some AG lists were included by default. Right?

IDK, I can’t argue with Github but I’ll dig a little.

The default lists currently are these (from a fresh browser install), so I believe that is the case:

That being said we could always consider recommending enabling more AdGuard lists, including manually importing the Tracking Protection list, but I don’t know what advantage they have over the default EasyList/EasyPrivacy lists, so someone would need to justify that change.

I’m looking through the history of the uBO assets file. If I find something, I’ll let you know but otherwise, I think it’s safe to close this request as invalid (or however you handle it here lol).

If you never actually recommended the list in the first place, I’ll let you folks figure out if you want to take the step of recommending it at some point. From my own usage, I find the AG Base filter duplicative with EasyList and not necessary. I do not find the same is true with AG Tracking Filter; I find the Tracking filter maybe 40% duplicative with EasyPrivacy and 60% complementary to EP. But that is just my observations based on my usage… YMMV.

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