Clarify the NextDNS Filtering

I saw that currently NextDNS’ Filtering column is filled with “based on server choice”. I think this is wrong or at least misleading. It is not related to server choice, the servers are the same. What it actually depends on is user choice on the site. NextDNS differs its users with profiles, it places on URLs and IPV6. Also, as it does not have different servers for every user, on IPV4 you need to link the device to use your profile.

Maybe “based on user choice” would be better wording here.


“Based on personal configuration” probably?


I think this would be a better way.

On a related note, this also applies to Adguard.

The Adguard situation is different, they have a Public DNS with 3 options: Default, Non-Filtering and Family Protection. They also have the custom DNS. I think these options need to be separated somewhere.

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