NextDNS question

I just set up NextDNS today, however I had a question based on the recommendations page on the site. While NextDNS is listed as a recommendation for Cloud-Based DNS Filtering, NextDNS is not listed as a Recommended Provider.

Are there then any privacy concerns with using NextDNS in regards to this? Are there any settings I can and should change within NextDNS in light of this lack of recommendation?

Thanks, and sorry if this question is a little dumb, as I am still new to understanding exactly how DNS works.

It’s not that it isn’t recomended, it’s just in the category where you can have extra configurability which the other providers might not provide.

Not really, their privacy policy does state they don’t log or sell any data. When you create an account there is a user-facing logging feature which you might want to disable, (it’s meant so a user can trace what requests are coming from their network) but it can be easily disabled. This feature doesn’t apply to Firefox’s native DoH support though as that doesn’t have an account by default.

We reached out to them for clarification on their privacy policy though.

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