Chromite vs Vanadium (gOS)

Hi there.

After years of using Brave on android and desktop I have decided to make the switch to another browser after I found out about partnering with weird games (link) and integrating new and vague AI bots (link) into their browser.

Since I am using GrapheneOS, I have multiple options. Either I use Chromite (which is basically Bromite but not dead :stuck_out_tongue: ), or Vanadium. I already use NextDNS to block ads system-wide and use a VPN. Note that I am aware of Gecko-based browsers such as Mull, but I don’t like them on Android. Personal reasons.

Which of these 2 browsers is the best comparing privacy/security for the average user? Which one would you prefer? Please let me know!

Just use Vanadium.

Any context?

thanks for your help!

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Cromite would score the same as Bromite here, but is largely kept up2date: Browsers - DivestOS Mobile