Books that every person concerned about privacy should read (List of recommendations)

Is this really Edward Snowden’s favorite laptop?

Did he ever said it?

A very important note that should be given is that you should get hard copies or downloads that cant be taken away from you if anything happens. Just to throw that in there, no book brings any use if its locked behind internet access or a monthly subscription for services like Audible, even though this should be common sense.

This guy (reviewer) doesn’t even know what Linux is. Actually he doesn’t know any shit.

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I tend to agree with this…

I have no idea how he has such a HUGE following on Youtube.

This is the thing that started me down the privacy rabbit hole. It does a really good job at simply explaining how social media can easily alter someone’s perception of the world by catering information to that which only keeps them engaged. The longer they’re online, the more ads they see and the more money the social media companies make. I deleted all my social media within a few months of watching that documentary.

@LukewarmNinja That video title is total clickbait. The title leads one to believe that the overarching theme of the documentary is a lie. However, when you watch the video you see he thinks the documentary’s solution to the problem (regulation) is the lie. Shameful for THO to be putting out clickbait content.

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I agree the video title is clickbait. Perhaps “Solutions The Social Dilemma missed” would be more fitting.
I do agree with THO critique of the movie eventhough he was a bit harsh at times.