Between Apple, Google, and Microsoft, which one is the best for privacy?

If you had to use one of the “big” companies like Apple, Google, or Microsoft, which one would be the best for privacy in terms of the services they provide and their overall philosophy?

To be more specific, I am referring to personal, individual use cases. So this would include things like their cloud storage, operating systems, their apps and services, etc.

Personally, I would put them in the order:

  1. Apple
  2. Google
  3. Microsoft

Apple is probably the most private out of the three out-of-the-box. Google can be made pretty private, but you do have to go through your account and device settings and change all the toggles, however it’s not very difficult or time-consuming to do. However, I did not find any way to do so with Microsoft’s products like Windows Home Edition.

To answer this you should be more specific. Because it depends on products and contracts.

For businesses Microsoft is a really good option because agreements can be made with them on data. Unlike with Google. . .

Generally this question is really not possible to answer without more specifications. There is no general answer to this.

I took the question to mean for an individual user, since Apple doesn’t exactly have enterprise products afaik. But yes, what services you’re using will change the answer.

I’ve added more to the post to make it more specific.