Zoom adds post-quantum end-to-end encryption to video meetings

Lol, just use microsoft teams, zoom is :face_vomiting::face_vomiting: in terms of privacy.

I am a hostage of zoom right now. Not much i can do about it.


Why in the world would Microsoft Teams be any better? :joy:


Enterprise tech / account.

Same privacy as paid google workspace for business.

I havent really had a deep dive on that, is that significantly better or just slightly better privacy than the regular consumer accounts? I mean for both G Suite accounts and whatever MS is calling their enterprise account

That logic could also apply to Zoom assuming you are on their enterprise plan. I don’t think privacy should be something you assume is present in any closed source enterprise solution though.

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I don’t think you can last in B2B space without having discretion for your clients.

Need to know as well.

They def have different privacy policies, atleast can compare that to get a baseline and let us know as well.

Companies at Google and Microsoft’s scale wouldn’t struggle in the B2B space in any case.

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Good point.