Best way to store password backups

Hello, i am looking for a good way to store password backups.

3-2-1 backup strategy. It means having at least three copies of your data, two local (on-site) but on different media (read: devices), and at least one copy off-site.


Which site you would recommend to store backups?
Should i encrypt all of these backups if so how should i do it?

Encrypt with Cryptomator, picocrypt, depending on your needs.
Any of the big providers will do (Google, Apple, Backblaze etc.), if you encrypt your data you are primarily interested in reliability.


What about Veracrypt file container?
The only thing i am scared of if a file get corrupted or something.

Veracrypt is intended for disks, not single files.


What about the file container?

Some users recently found months of data missing from their Google Drive.

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Yes, very few (~500) though, apparently. It appears to be a problem with the desktop client.

Things like these happen to all services sooner or later - hence the 3-2-1 rule.


I store my password backup on Storj. It encrypts and splits files, there’s no need for Cryptomator. So, you can access your backup easily.

The 3-2-1 rule is the minimum feel free to spread your password database as wide as you can. AFAIK all the password databases are encrypted anywaybut to ease all our paranoia here, a simple password protected zip/7z would suffice (with a different password from your password database, of course).

Remember to use 2 different media as well minimum. And use optical media (DVDs/BluRay MDiscs) as well to protect from weird electromagnetic phenomenon such as cosmic rays (that cause bit flips in digital storage), coronal mass ejections and EMP attacks.

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