Best Countries to Emigrate to

CA’s privacy protection doesn’t measure up with GDPR. Even though different countries have their own GDPR implementation, it’s more reliable than a state law, which may not stand the test of time.

EU stuff has a history of being declared null and void in some countries, sometimes after being in place for years.

An EU directive from 2006 made law in Portugal in 2008 was declared unconstitutional in 2022:

Same thing in Germany:

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I guess any country’s politics will be volatile these days and inevitably lead to problematic changes like these. I guess from a privacy standpoint it’s hard to predict how these countries will change their laws in coming years. However, I can’t imagine it getting to US levels of invasiveness simply because there is not the same level of incentive for the government to surveil. There are way more domestic terrorists every year than in any EU country so the US may actually need the level of surveillance they have to protect national security.

In the situations I presented as examples, the root of it were courts finding problems with the laws, not politicians just deciding to change them. Id argue that laws implemented at the behest of the EU are way more likely to be found unconstitutional or in some other manner overturned. Even if not for that it seems that there tends to be much less effort put into enforcing such EU derived laws.

At this point, I dont even know anymore. Here in Portugal police officers will start wearing bodycams as they do in the US. No one seems to be exactly sure why theyre implementing bodycams. Personaly, I would move to a developing country with a lot of bureaucracy, where even if the laws arent that great they dont have the means to conduct mass surveillance anyway


But you still have to solve the finance issue. You cant be anonymous but you can be private.

I agree a developing country without capabilities to mass surveil would be a good option if physical safety wasn’t an issue. As for police bodycams, they are important to hold cops accountable since they provide concrete evidence of cops unjustly punishing citizens. Such injustices in the US are often racially motivated and bodycams are a great source of evidence to hold cops accountable. I don’t know much about how ethnic minorities in Portugal are treated by cops but it may be for a similar reason.

nope. Theyre actually trying to make the opposite argument since that wouldnt stick. That theres too much violence against cops. It just seems like an unwarranted privacy invasion. For context, in Portugal people are not allowed to capture image or video of others in public spaces, that including police officers. So now the police will have footage from bodycams, which they can start and stop at will, but footage from other sources will still be inadmissible in court (and one might actually get sued for having grabbed such footage to begin with)

We’ll probably find out a few years from now that some politicians bought new houses and cars after being involved in negotiating the bodycam contract. Thats usually how it turns out