Are some TLDs less reliable than others?

If I purchase a personal domain, do I need to consider the reputation of the registrar that manages that TLD? I’m including country, generic and other subtypes of TLD here. For example I remember finding out about the bad reputation of the .men TLD (although I have never seen a site using it):

Spamhaus claims that some registrars “knowingly sell high volumes of domains to these actors for profit, and many registries do not do enough to stop or limit this endless supply of domains” – putting a spotlight on the darker side of the DNS.

Men are officially the worst… top-level domain • The Register

Is this really a reflection on the registrar, or the sites using that TLD?

Yes, but gTLDs (basically anything other than two-letter ones) are subject to higher reliability standards. You’ll have some with a worse reputation than others (like your .men example), probably depending on their pricing/popularity, but they should all generally be reliable.

Two-letter country code TLDs are held to no standards by ICANN, and could literally be entirely hosted on a single server in the basement of some island country’s government building if that country wanted. I wouldn’t purchase a domain on a ccTLD, even one masquerading as a generic TLD like .me, .io, or .co.


What a nonsense? Proton use, simplelogin and, anonaddy uses even Tutanota use


Yeah. I’m definitely considering a ten-year lease (for a long-term domain that will have financial ties to me anyway).

Just because people use them doesn’t make that statement not true.

If Proton wants their business domains to be at the whims of the governments of Montenegro, Colombia, and the British Indian Ocean Territory, that’s on them :man_shrugging:


Not to mention domains like .io are generally expensive, that topic came up here .ai website registrations are a windfall for tiny Anguilla | Hacker News

Gotta cash in on the buzz.

There was also this a while ago, where someone bought the domains for the authoritative name servers for the whole .io zone. Somehow the order went through. Doesn’t instill me with a lot of confidence.


An extreme example, but a real-world one nonetheless: The Taliban took control of the .af TLD and shut down a Mastodon server today (some reports say all .af domains registered with Gandi).


Impressive that they didn’t kick the domain out actually. I would have expected different responses from the new TLD owner… Anyways same as you said already I have also been amazed with people using all kinds of ccTLD’ of counties that can cause some problems to say the least.

there is also the ethical question of .io domains. Chagosians don’t receive any of the money from the use of .io domains. the money funnels into the UK.
Expulsion of the Chagossians - Wikipedia

The dark side of .io -

When creating a PM account should the option be used?

As opposed to the .me option?