Any recommendations for a podcast that addresses the same issues as Michael Bazell's?

As many already know, Michael Bazell stopped producing his podcast a few months ago. I am grateful for the contribution he made in changing the way I think about privacy and security. I was wondering if anyone would have any suggestions on a podcast that discusses the same topics that Mr. Bazell addressed in his podcast. As long as the presenter is someone who is objective, I’d be happy to take them on board.

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Some cybersecurity things I listen to are,
Threatwire from Hak5
Surveillance Report

Format for each is different from The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show, but the topics are similar enough.


If you were attracted to Bazell’s podcast in part for the long-form interview with notable people, developers, and organizations in the privacy space, I’d encourage you to check out the Opt-Out podcast.

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find more here: What podcasts about privacy do you listen to?

but generally speaking it’s not of the same quality in most cases.

Opt out is good, Seth have not been active since Feb 2023 with the podcast either.

Another podcast which does interviews with notable people in the space is Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons which has interviewed people like:

  • Bruce Schneier
  • Cory Doctorow
  • Troy Hunt
  • Ladar Levison
  • Dr. Andy Yen
  • Adam Schwartz
  • Lawrence Abrams
  • & our own @Niek-de-Wilde :slight_smile: [1]

  1. Privacy Peeps Panel - Firewalls Don't Stop Dragons Podcast ↩︎


Yeah, its been a while since I’ve seen new content, but then if OP is unfamiliar with the podcast, they’ve got many hours of content to catch up on before they run out.

Is there any indication as to whether this is a break, or whether he has moved on to other things? My recollection is that Seth has taken big breaks before, but I might be confusing that podcast with another.

Here’s a few more to add to the list which could be related:

Not sure about that, I follow his blog on my rss feed, he has been blogging over December.

He said in his more recent blog that he is on an indefinite hiatus. He could go back, but at this point everything could be on a whim on his side. I think his topics ran out and would not want to recycle stuff and do the weekly privacy drama recap. I can respect that but at this point his content cadence is now unreliably unreliable.

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Thank you all very much for all these recommendations. I plan to listen to all of them to get an idea if they offer what I am looking for. I’m very interested in Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons and Opt out, they seem like a very good choice that suit my quest for more knowledge about the sector.

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