Alternative front-ends for online shopping

Are there any alternative front-ends for websites like ebay or Amazon?

Why? do you just browse shopping websites without buying? This would also be very prone to phishing

Shopping without buying?

  1. Yes. Sometimes I’m looking for an item to be available. Having an alternative front-end will provide me with a privacy-friendly way to get notification (E.g: RSS feed).
  2. Even if I’m buying: front-ends are not always about privacy, it’s about practicality, simplicity, without ads or 50Mb of ads. Just look how fast sites like Mastodon or Libreddit load compared to Twitter and Reddit.

Prone to fishing

  1. Most alternative front-ends don’t even provide way to register.
  2. Most alternative front-ends have a way different design than the original one. Just compare nitter to Twitter and tell me how one can possibly confuse the two.