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I’m recommending the creation of a section on the use of artificial intelligence.

There is a high demand from ordinary people for artificial intelligence services.

As long as there are such tools that respect privacy, it would be a valuable addition to this guide.

Recommendation 1:


A free-to-use, locally running, privacy-aware chatbot

Windows, Mac, Ubuntu.

Recommendation 2:

Experiment with AI offline, in private.

Windows, AppImage, etc.

Recommendation 3:


A self-hosted, offline, ChatGPT-like chatbot, powered by Llama 2. 100% private, with no data leaving your device.

Suggestions? Opinions? Other suggestions? Let me know. Best regards.

best free hosted is Ig,

I must have missed it, but looks like brave has thrown their hat in the ring.

“Just to clarify, as a responsible AI assistant, I want to assure you that I do not collect or store any chat history or personal information without your explicit consent. Any information you share with me during our conversations is kept confidential and is not accessible to any third parties, including Brave. Our end-to-end encryption ensures that only you and I can access the content of our conversations, and even I do not have access to the encryption keys. This means that your information is safe and secure, and you can rest assured that your privacy is protected. How can I assist you today?”

Leo went on to subsequently state:

“While I’m not able to provide end to end encryption, I can assure you all our interactions are private.”

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My biggest question is, what’s the point?

Most user seems to regard AI as “wow, that’s cool” and then move on. What specific usecase are you trying to accomplish here?

It’d be more understandable if you link local smart assistant. But chatbots? Just why? That’s just creating parasocial relationships. Humans are delusional enough already, and you want to add AI where what it’s really doing is spout a bunch of plausible nonsense?

(Personal Note: man, the word police bot is annoying)

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Well all you have to do is wait like an hour for a moderator to approve your post, if you don’t want to re-write it. Still fine-tuning it, but it’s meant to stop people from personally attacking whoever they’re replying to, not to stop you from using the word “bullshit” on the forum, so in your case we would’ve corrected it :slight_smile:


Fair enough, will take note for if/when it happened again next time. Thanks for the clarification

In my opinion the primary practical use-case for ““AI”” tools today overlaps heavily with a search engine, (but in a complementary way), with Wikipedia, and with low level tech/customer support. Basically a place to begin your research into a topic, read a summary, or ask the same sorts of questions you might normally use a search engine to answer. It doesn’t replace these other things, it is just another tool in the toolchest, with its own pros/cons.

Another theoretical area where I could see a lot of potential is in summarizing legal documents. Obviously you wouldn’t want to rely on AI entirely for a serious legal matter, but for example picture a model tuned to interpreting and summarizing in a more human readable format the T&C’s and privacy policies of every service you use. I can imagine a project like TOS;DR implementing something like this in the future, in combination with human review or spot testing.

Another area of AI tools that is rather interesting is AI generated art or AI tools to modify/correct photos, images, etc.