AI generated text policy

Can I use AI generated text in my pr? I’m not a native English speaker so it’s difficult to me to write a whole guide without grammar mistakes

I can’t answer the question in your post since I’m not in a position to do so.

I just want to let you know that other contributors to the site (like myself) can review your PR and suggest grammar changes. After that, you can review the suggestions to check that they don’t change the spirit of what you wrote.

In my opinion, this process is better than using AI generated text.


Are you saying that the AI is generating the actual content of the PR or that you are using AI for translation only to translate a PR written by you without AI in your own language.

I personally feel that it is not appropriate to use AI generated content on PrivacyGuides. But if it is just AI translation of human created content, I don’t have a strong opinion one way or another.

I think @Redoomed makes a good point about using the manual review process to hopefully help with translatoion or clarification.

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Generative AI tools (ones that generate a bunch of brand new content based on a prompt) should not be used.

AI translation tools that don’t generate new content are probably fine, actually our translation teams are already assisted by tools like DeepL which we pay for.

Either way though, I think it is very likely that any AI content (generative or otherwise) will have to be re-written by our reviewers anyways to meet our quality standards. I don’t think any AI content or translations will be acceptable as-is when we review the PR.

Therefore, submitting whatever you can without AI like @Redoomed said is probably fine as well, since human reviewers will probably have to re-word it no matter what.

I’ll leave it up to you on whether you’d prefer to submit AI translated content or just submit potentially gramatically incorrect content and have it fixed in the review process.


Adding to what has already been said. I’ve noticed some people have begun to copy/paste AI generated answers to the forum, and in at least one case, did so without any indication/disclaimer it was AI generated.

And just in general we are a forum where people come for accurate, correct, and (hopefully) nuanced or precise technical information. In my experience AI is not currently very good at nuance or precision. I think at a bare minimum, the etiquette needs to be that any community member who feels the need to post AI generated content to the forum should very clearly state when a part of their comment is AI generated (or AI derived information that hasn’t explicitly been corroborated), and disclaim that the info may be wrong.

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I would consider this to not be aligned with our guidelines, so feel free to flag it (mention it’s AI when doing so). Especially if it’s wrong.


Will do :+1:

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Pretty much tru for all industries, not just content.