Can I make a Spanish translation of your site (specifically, of the recommendations, criteria and knowledge) in my codeberg?

I don’t have much idea about licenses or things like that and I don’t know if it’s legal or not or what.
I wanted to do something like what Victorhck did with PrivacyTools but with PrivacyGuides and in Codeberg.
Can I do it? Can I make a Spanish translation of your site (specifically, of the recommendations, criteria and knowledge) in my codeberg?

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We’re actually doing translations through

The intention is then to use the mkdocs-material translation menu

Changing the language - Material for MkDocs

As for Spanish that has begun translation and is about 52% complete. But we can always use extra translators to help proof read and fix QA issues.

I would suggest asking in Matrix, our localization room is

I got into Crowdin, and I have to say that I am surprised that it is still at 52%, basically because the suggestions that are appearing from some translators (especially from deepl) are quite correct. It is true that some of them need to be retouched because they feel unnatural, but in general, they make the job moderately easy.
I will keep on translating. Anyway, I still have the initial unknown, because I would like to make a codeberg equivalent with perhaps a personal touch, like the guy in the link did.
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That may be the case, and yes, we do have DeepL subscription, to help make things as easy as possible. I’m spending more time on this effort now, as I really want to go live with at least one translation, then we’ll add the others. This will draw more attention to it in general, and we’ll hopefully get more translators onboard, bits and pieces there will really help make this great.

The repo can be forked yes, and we do mirror it elsewhere.

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I am glad to be part of this project helping with the translation. I am part of the moderators of PrivacyTools, and I am very sad to see what this site has become, and I would really like to contribute to PrivacyGuides for its honesty, for being what I always thought PrivacyTools was.

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