Aegis vs Ente Auth?

I had some more specific questions about them that are not addressed in the main tools section. I’m currently using Authy. I like that I can fit a bunch of entries on my screen at a time and the fact that it has cloud sync. What I don’t like is that I can’t export the codes. Theoretically, even if both my personal phone and both my work phones (one android one iPhone) were taken out, I should be able to get in with a password. That password is saved to a secondary Bitwarden account along with all of my backup codes for my TOTPs. I’m planning on getting a fire safe and exporting/encrypting both my password vault and my TOTP vault and putting them in there on a flash drive per Bitwarden’s instructions and I figured I could throw the TOTP seeds in there as well. Here are the questions I have about switching to another authenticator.

  1. I like that I can fit 9-12 entries on a screen with Authy. Microsoft and Google Authenticator never could do that. Can Ente and Aegis?

  2. Can either of them let you rearrange them however you want? I use 6 of them daily, and would prefer they be at the top.

  3. I’m leaning towards Ente primarily because of the iPhone for work, but it’s my least used device. I pretty much always have one of the androids on me anyways, and the androids have syncthing already on them. Is there a particular advantage one over the other?

  4. How worth it is it to move over? I have 39 accounts set up with Authy right now, and no phone is rooted. It’s gonna be time consuming to get them all re-set up, especially the crappy government based ones.

I thought I had more questions than this, but I guess not. Any thoughts on the above?

There is a way to export the seed codes from Authy via the desktop app. Some effort is required, but will be far less time-consuming than re-registering MFA on each of your accounts:

Look at issue #3, page 26, of this magazine:

Edit: Note that the desktop apps will be discontinued in March so export them before this.

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Have you tried to just test yourself? I mean this is really insane. You can just download the apps and check it out. We’re not your personal assistant checking your non privacy related requirements.

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That’s insane. Just try to use new UI.


Totally worth. Authy got TONS of breaches (this for example)

Worth noting that the desktop apps will be discontinued: