Add Authenticator Pro

Authenticator Pro is a free open-source two factor authentication app for Android. It features encrypted backups, icons, categories and a high level of customisation. It also has a Wear OS companion app.

It supports TOTP (Time Based) and HOTP (Counter Based) authenticators using either SHA1, SHA256 or SHA512 hashing algorithms. Mobile-Otp (mOTP) and Steam are also supported.

(description from their GitHub repo)

  • It has amazing UI/UX. (better than Aegis and others)
  • Categories, dark/light theme, different accent colours.
  • 3 View modes. (Default, Compact, Tile)
  • Lastly it supports auto backups.

But, it’s not superior to Aegis (expect better UI/UX and being more up-to-date).

Hey there! Thank you for pointing us to this app.

Multi-factor authentication apps are very critical pieces of software, so we are generally careful with what we recommend.

In the case of Aegis, one of our members has done an analysis of it in the past, and it looked (and I feel like it probably still is) a great choice. You can find that analysis here:

We also prefer to keep recommendations to the best options; options that we are confident in recommending to the community, instead of a list with multiple recommendations of varying or dubious quality.

To be clear, this is not me saying that there’s anything wrong with Authenticator Pro. What I am saying is that there needs to be a good reason for us to switch to recommending this one over Aegis. While it is true that Authenticator Pro has had more recent updates than Aegis, I can see commits in Aegis from 3 days ago, so development is by no means dead.

I would say that unless there are some security or privacy related improvements that Authenticator Pro brings to the table, we shouldn’t currently recommend it, especially in the absence of an analysis similar to the one that we have for Aegis.


How about now? Aegis hasn’t had commits since march 3