Aegis Authenticator alternative

Hello, I would like to suggest an alternative to the Aegis Authenticator:

The main difference is it’s also compatible with iOS.


Do you know if Aegis has this same requirement as well?

The app requests specific permissions for the following purposes:
Internet: The internet permission is required to send the install event.

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Aegis does not require the network permission. It it optional with the Root Authenticator, the app will work even with the permission disabled.

@david-rootauthenticator you should have disclosed that you are the developer.

We’re not going to add this given there are only two commits, the first two days ago from a github account that is a week old.

We would require some developer reputation before we would consider recommending such an app that deals with highly sensitive data.


I can’t tell if the user is prompted. It reads to be on by default, so the user would have to disable the network permission before first start. Or, I suppose start the app in airplane mode before disabling some toggle.

In a future release, you might consider prompting the user when opening the application.

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