Bitwarden Authenticator

Open source and available for Android and iOS.

I love Aegis but once they implement being able to locally sync with my bitwarden vault, its going to be hard for me not switch.

EDIT: doesn’t seem like the Android app has a way to import from other authenticators yet. So I will probably hold off for a bit.


Source codes:



Eleborate pl.

Being able to automatically sync any TOTP token, locally, that you scan with the Bitwarden Authenticator into your Bitwarden Vault will be extremely convenient and add extra value to being a premium subscriber (only premium can add TOTP tokens to their vault at this moment).

This would be even better as a new premium customer because you could import all your TOTP token to Bitwardens Authenticator and then sync it to your vault.

It also seems like much less of a risk then having to manually enter your TOTP secret into your vault each time.

side note im going to guess that Proton will rollout a similar feature in the near future.

I wonder if the vault sync is going to be two way, one way and or optional, I still don’t like the idea of storing my 2FA codes in my PW manager.

*Looks like they answered my question in the FAQ on their site:

Should I use both? When should I use the integrated authentication feature? When should I use Bitwarden Authenticator?

Integrated authentication in Bitwarden Password Manager offers a convenient way for users to add 2FA to their online accounts. This popular feature will remain available across paid plans.

Bitwarden Authenticator can be used to store your verification codes to access your Bitwarden account, as well as other online applications you use.

They can be used together, or separately, depending on your security preferences.

Ehh, for me no reason to consider switching from Aegis. For one, Aegis is obviously much more mature. But more importantly I think storing these TOTP codes locally on device only instead of in your password manager makes 2FA much more effective.

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so bitwarden actually can make nice designs.

might consider it if it gets a desktop app too.


Bitwarden Authenticator stores them locally on device.

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I will definitely make sure to keep an eye on this. I have tried the iOS app, and it is ok with the features you would expect from most authentication apps. A few features I did notice that it didn’t have is the ability to import your authentication codes from other apps and that it doesn’t allow you to hide codes, and show them once double tapped. This is a feature that I liked from ente. However, I did notice on the iOS GitHub repo for the authentication app that there is a pull request to allow the user to import from JSON.

Another cool thing I noticed is that the apps are built with their native OS languages. The iOS app being built with Swift, and the android app being built with Kotlin. I like that they decided to do this, and this kind of gives us a sneek peek of what Bitwarden will become once the clients have been rebuilt with their native OS languages.


Sync across devices would be useful.

i’m excited about this! probly won’t migrate to it (i actually don’t really want my 2FA codes associated with my vault) but i still like that a trustworthy company (thinking of what happened with Raivo when i say this) is coming out with an open source authenticator, especially x-platform, considering there just aren’t that many options.

Tritt das nicht den zahlenden Kunden auf die Füße?

Well, paying customers get to sync their codes to their vault. Free customers using this app only have their codes stored locally.

(Although syncing codes to your PWM can be a double-edged sword, it’s not for everyone)

It looks like the iOS version (2023.5.0 (38)) is not the latest as in the GitHub (2024.5.0)

Do you know how to add website icons next to the TOTP?

Every time i see a sensitive-private app collecting any kind of data, i get discouraged to even try it.

It’s shame because especially in iOS we lack good options and after the Raivo OTP sold out, there is a huge gap left.

In Android atm is all good, we have Aegis.

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Wait, what data does Bitwarden Authenticator collect?

Exodus can’t download the app, so no direct information on what trackers.

Apple app store lists: Contact Info, Identifiers, Diagnostics
Google Play store lists: App info and performance, which can be shared with third parties. Data cannot be deleted.

This is looking a lot less interesting to me.


It has crashlytics

I’m also not too fond of 2FA app with network permission.