Yubico Key Question


How many accounts that you can use Yubico with ? like Google or FB or any other accounts ?


Depends on which key you get. If it’s only the FIDO2 one (so the one called “security key”), then only with services that support FIDO2. If it’s the Yubikey then you can use it with anything that supports FIDO2 or TOTP for MFA. Google does support FIDO2 and TOTP, FB I’m not sure about FIDO2 but TOTP definitely.

FIDO2 is essentially the function where you plug (or tap with NFC) the key to log in; TOTP is the authenticator app one where it generates a code – you would use it with the Yubikey manager app and store the “seed” for generating the code on the key and retrieve the code using the app.

There’s probably a list online if you search for accounts that allow for FIDO2 if you want the “plug key in and press on it” feature. For TOTP, it’s so many different places that it’s a list you would never be able to make exhaustive; general rule of thumb though is that bigger services are more likely to have both FIDO2 and TOTP

Ok Thank you