Wikimedia DNS (Encrypted DNS Provider)

Something we should look into further:

Interesting. Quote from FAQ of link


Why is Wikimedia running this service?edit

We cannot recommend external resolver services such as those run by Google, Cloudflare, Quad9, among others, for a variety of reasons. We have no control over how these services are run or what private data is logged. Even though most of these services have explicit privacy policies, they do log some data and we have no control or insight into that.

Furthermore, some of these services use content filtering. Cloudflare’s DNS service for families has been caught blocking LGBTQ content. Other services indulge in various forms of content filtering as well.

The SRE team is well poised to run such a service and can provide a reliable alternative to secure DNS resolver services run by for-profit corporations.

For now, I will continue running on my other dns resolver, because it block malware and bad website on top of providing better privacy on the DNS queries. We’ll see what wikimedia can provide, and watch their future privacy policy.
Another interesting point is them providing the source configuration of the running service, for anyone else that want to run their own server.

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Upon additional inspection this isn’t something we can recommend on our list, but I definitely want to if it is finalized in an appropriate way in the future. Marking thread as waiting.

Wikimedia DNS is still being beta-tested and evaluated both internally and with our community. As such, there are no guarantees of the reliability or future availability of the service, and there is no formal privacy policy published yet.