Why WebGL of Firefox is always same when disabled?

EFF test (https://coveryourtracks.eff.org) shows me same “Hash of WebGL fingerprint” every time. But I have tried all below combinations:

  • webgl.enable-webgl2 = false
  • webgl.disabled = true
  • RFP = true

On the result page “WebGL Vendor & Renderer” is null by the way.

How is that possible?

I use Firefox stable via Fedora.

Thank you.

all metrics contribute to a fingerprint, including disabled or null states


You mean they have metrics about webgl even webgl is disabled?

Yes, the metric that it is disabled.


Default is king. When you deviate from the default, you stand out. Thats why Tor Browser and Mullvad is awesome because it has sane defaults.

Yep. The way I understand it, you can’t really win unless the default is to avoid sharing as many identifiable metrics as possible, since when you run the default you’re unique by sharing these metrics, and by running the non-default you’re unique by changing the settings.

The goal is having as many users as possible fall into similar buckets.

They’re all still fingerprintable, but all users of a common bucket would share the same fingerprint.

Go open CreepJS in Tor Browser, you’ll see it show hundreds of previous visits.