Why is AdGuard's VPN so Cheap and is it Recommended?

It is around $60 for 5 years.

The pricing on their website is significantly higher than the price you stated, and in the same ballpark as many other VPN providers. With a yearly sub it is $4 usd per month, if you pay month to month it is $12 per month, or if you pay for 2 years upfront it is $3 usd per month. I think that you are probably looking at a promo on stacksocial or some other deals site, is that the case? Adguard does often have some really discounted prices for their products on stack social.

FWIW, in the past they used their own in-house protocol, not one of the common well known open source protocols (Wireguard, OpenVPN) and they didn’t have clients for all OSes, I don’t know if either of these things are still true, but this may be part of the reason you are seeing such cheap promo pricing.

edit: actually it is even cheaper on Stacksocial, it is only $40 for 5 years.

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Yes, I am referring to the 5 year deal on Stack social. For me two huge factors in choosing a VPN are not only industry-leading privacy and security, but pricing and speed.

$40 for 5 years seems a bit too good to be true, there has got to be a catch.

I absolutely agree (in addition to trust, privacy and security, pricing, speed, and reliability are important factors for me also, as well as Linux compatibility)

Call me a cheapskate but I see ~$5-6 a month upper limit of what I’m willing to pay for a VPN at this time.

edit: in hindsight this is off topic but relevant

Two other affordable options you might want to consider are:

  1. Windscribe
  2. AirVPN

AirVPN is not recommended by PG because it lacks 3rd party audits and doesn’t see the value in paying to have one done. Windscribe may be listed in the future, there is an open pull request but it has beel stalled for over a year, it seems the main blockers are (were?) audits and open sourcing the iOS client.

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I bought some years ago on stacksocial ($40 - $16 coupon = $24 for 5 years), but ended up not using much. Besides of no open-source app clients, not really clear whether they have no-log policy (on AdGuard VPN | Privacy), their speed is quite… meh. I even actually prefer Proton’s speed in free account over theirs.

That is concerning if true, but maybe they have obtained more servers around the world?

Haha, no I agree, I am reluctant to use subscription services at all, in fact I have never used one, ever!

No it’s not. We have strict requirements for VPNs and if they do not meet it, they aren’t recommended. Period.

Please check https://www.privacyguides.org/en/vpn/ before asking.

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Thank you, I have done so again. I said this in a post while ago, but Proton VPN does not satisfy at least one of their minimal criteria, which is irresponsible marketing (“You are not protected!”). The other criteria I am not technically informed enough to speak about. No matter, from my searches AdGuard seems to not meet as much of their criteria as their other suggestions. In general it might not be recommended by PG, but I also extend this to other users of this website, which may have differing opinions on the matter.

It’s not open-source (on iOS). What you said about Proton isn’t true, I just went on their website and saw no such messages. Note that the marketing warning only applies to the website, if you talk an app notifications, it’s fine because most people only have one vpn app hence the message is correct(They aren’t protected by their VPN)


“You are not protected!” is the exact words that are shown on the Proton VPN desktop app for Windows (at least).

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Read ny words, that nake sense.