Whonix without Qubes

I think the statement “Whonix is best used in conjunction with Qubes” is not entirely accurate and a bit reductionist.

There are some privacy and security disadvantages to using Whonix with Qubes, outlined in this post

It should be noted that I am a Whonix developer, which could imply bias. But I do believe Kicksecure as a daily driver with VBox Whonix is a great and simple way to get a very secure environment, and has some advantages to Qubes.

Its a very good and usable middleground between a full Qubes setup and tails, and in some ways more secure than Qubes+Whonix.

Additionally it should be noted that the Whonix team is diligently working on Whonix as a standalone OS.

Do with this info what you will. Thank you to everyone who contributes to the Privacy Guides project and community.


Nice to hear from a Whonix dev. Out of the Linux security issues mentioned here, which have been fixed in Kicksecure?

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Kicksecure’s architecture and features are well documented on the wiki.

I absolutely agree with what you say, but I still think it would be better if there was a guideline recommending how the Kicksecure/Whonix should be used, for what purpose it can be used. For example:

  1. Should one always use no-install-recommends when installing new packages?
  2. Should applications like lutris, steam, heroic be installed and therefore is Kicksecure an ideal distribution for PC gaming?
  3. Is Flatpak or Snap also preferable for installing applications?
  4. For which applications installed with apt or binary can firejail or sandbox-app-launcher be used?

I think the Tor Project’s support page contains enough information and detail and is a good starter guide for users. There are a few gaps, though, such as whether the webpage display language setting can be in any language, or whether users can change the browser theme. In the screenshots posted on the Tor support page, the Firefox Alpenglow theme seems to be enabled, but some people on the PG forums recommend not changing the theme, etc.