Guide on configuring Qubes OS with Whonix

I have seen that you have Qubes among your recommendations, but while Qubes by itself is a security solution, it needs Whonix to maximize the privacy it can offer, and the necessary and relevant configurations are not easy. I think it would be nice to create (or finish) the Qubes+Whonix guide.

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There is a PR that’s supposed to add more information about Qubes OS, and we do want to elaborate on using Qubes OS in conjuction with Whonix specifically.

That said, we cannot merge the PR in its current form, as its writing style is very different than the other pages on the website (it wasn’t written by a team member).

This is the PR:

We eventually have to go through it and edit/correct it, or scrap it and write it from scratch.

No ETA on that right now.

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Okay, thanks for the information.

Working on it! :smiley: I need to go and work through the language used, and certain things need to be added or tidied before it’s ready. That said, there will probably (eventually) be a guide on using Whonix inside Qubes in the future, but that is much more technical. I have a pretty in-depth guide you can reference here, including infographics and helpful hints to get up and running. This is the only known guide that shows this sort of setup AFAIK. We added the option to run Whonix in Live mode which is documented in (great) detail as well.

Anonymous Planet: Qubes/Whonix route (Qubes OS w/ Whonix firewall)