When will Accrescent be ready?

That brings us to the question When might Accrescent be ready for GrapheneOS users ?


Hello. I split the topic off in order to keep things tidy and on-topic there.

First things first, I want to make it clear that Accrescent is in no way specific to GrapheneOS. So, the question here should be “When might Accrescent be ready?” Whenever Accrescent’s good to go, it will be available for GrapheneOS users and non-GrapheneOS users alike.

For further context to people who may not be aware, Accrescent is an up and coming app store focused on security and privacy that aims to fix a lot of the issues that plague the options that we currently have available on Android.

With regards to when it will be ready, I suppose that depends. It is currently in pre-alpha and not really usable for anything other than testing, as app submissions are not open at this point.

When an app store is “ready” is largely up to your interpretation. Such an app is only as useful as the apps it contains. After app submission is ready, developers will have to start adopting it before its usefulness increases. Even when it’s “ready”, it won’t provide value if nobody adopts it.

It is up to Accrescent to make that process as easy as it can be for developers, but at the end of the day, it’s on them to submit their apps.

You can find the project’s roadmap here:


Thanks @matchboxbananasynergy for that quick answer. I precise that I want in no way to put any pressure on the devs of Accrescent since 1- I don’t help them, 2- I didn’t contribute financially to their project (for that 2nd point, I might consider it). I just consider that, since I know nothing about technique and I trust GrapheneOS devs to protect my privacy, I would be happy to use the store they recommend. I suppose it will become the official GrapheneOS app store ?

I want to make it clear here that as far as I’m aware, Accrescent is not officially recommended or endorsed by GrapheneOS in any capacity. GrapheneOS doesn’t recommend any particular app store at this point, with perhaps the exception of Google’s Play Store via their Sandboxed Google Play solution.

I have not heard anything like that. GrapheneOS currently ships their own “Apps” app through which you can install/update their own apps such as Secure PDF Viewer and Secure Camera, and it can also be used to install Sandboxed Google Play on GrapheneOS. I have not heard about any plans to make any other store “the official GrapheneOS app store”.

These misconceptions may have arised from the fact that a lot of people in the GrapheneOS community are excited about Accrescent, but that’s because GrapheneOS users are more likely to seek out private and secure options, especially when it comes to method of obtaining apps, which are lackluster to say the least on Android (with the exception of Play Store, perhaps, although that comes with its own set of issues). Interest by the community doesn’t equate to official endorsement by the project.