What's the best platform for Whonix with 2GB RAM?

I have a pretty basic computer (32GB disk, 2GB RAM, 2x 1.1GHz processor) and I want to install Whonix and do as much in virtual machines as possible. I can’t use Qubes because it requires at least 6GB RAM and the entire 32GB of disk space free, so I have to choose a different OS. Is Kicksecure worth it just for the 0-day exploit protection, or is that not necessary since I’ll be using virtual machines? I don’t need much in the base OS besides VirtualBox and Whonix, and I’d like to keep as much space and processing power available for them as I can.

Thanks for any advice you have

I’m sorry but you cannot really work with VMs with just 2GB RAM, at least not with a desktop environment and apps like a webrowser. Even 4GB would be pushing it. You need at least 8GB to be able to do normal things in the VM.