What the f*** is wrong with Signal stickers?!

I was converting my favourite Webp stickers i got from Whatsapp to the super infamous format APNG to use them in making a Signal sticker pack, And after a pain in the a** for 1 hour and a half i finished converting them one by one using aconvert.com to be shocked that Signal is telling me they are so big!!!, Although they are just 512x512, So what should i do now?, And any suggestions for a better converter or something cause who the hell is using static stickers now!!!

Maybe consider this.

Note to self: Resize animated PNG (APNG)

Posted on 2013-08-03 by ruedigergad

Interestingly, animated PNG (APNG) files seem to be so scarce that neither Gimp nor ImageMagick support this format. In fact, it took me quite a bit of searching until I found a way to scale an animated PNG preserving the animation (Gimp and ImageMagick can at least open respectively resize APNGs but only the first frame.).

For resizing an animated PNG I used the APNG assembler, disassembler, and ImageMagick. The workflow was as follows:

./apngdis animated.png
for i in *png ; do convert $i -resize 32x32\< $i ; done
./apngasm output.png apngframe00.png 1 25 /f
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