What is the best practice to backup my data in case I die?

I want to give my family full access to my data in case I no longer exist. To be more precise, I want to give them full access to my photos, accounts, passwords, and any other documents.
The problem is that no one in the family is a Technical ‏Expert to whom I can give instructions on how to access my backup’s.


Create a way for your spouse, or family / friend who is going to be handling your data after your death to access it. There are many ways to do that such as Bitwardens Emergency Access.

I personally have a physical note with all the needed credentials for my partner to get into everything. We keep this in the same place we keep other important physical documents such as passports.

Whatever you decide, you should practice this with that person. So they are comfortable with the process and you can make sure it works.


Deviant Ollam has a talk he uploaded in November 2022 called Lawyer Passport Locksmith Gun. In it part of what he goes over is ways to setup information access exactly like you’re asking about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ihrGNGesfI