What is best VPS for anonymity?

So like if you were to recommend a VPS for total anonymity for like a whistleblower or political dissident or journalist, what would it be?

Not VPN but VPS. Something that can be used with Tor installed on it for ACTUAL anonymous activity online.

Please let me know your recommendation.

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1984.hosting accepts monero and allows anonymous sign-ups (requires an email).

I think the big problem will be the domain. Because my understanding is that you are legally required to give a contact name and details when you register a domain. There’s some registrars who are using their name (Njalla?) but then you are not actually the owner of the domain and at their mercy.

You can give fake names and address depending on the TLDs. No one checks except for specific domains such as .eu or .gov . Edu etc.

But if you face a problem and need to get in touch with registrars, I don’t know what happens.