What information do apps in the work profile have access to?

I’m part of an institution that uses Duo Mobile. I use GrapheneOS so at first I tried using a separate user profile for the Duo app, but switching back and forth between profiles every time I login feels very tedious to me.

I would like to try using shelter to install Duo Mobile to my main profile, along with sandboxed google play services (+ network permissions) so that I can receive push notifications from Duo. My question is what information from the main profile do apps in the work profile like GPS and Duo have access to?

My main concern is inter-process communication between work profile apps and main profile apps, since I can deny permissions to most other sensitive things using the GrapheneOS settings like files, photos, contacts, and call history.

Generally it is profile-independent stuff, like sensors or camera (when granted) as well as for example Material You Background-Colors (exposed to apps for theming)

I’ll expand that when I think of more, it was more important for me to get a reply out for now. Just note that all the data which is shared between profiles by default is mostly irrelevant and doesn’t usually identify you any more than what apps could already do in a seperate user profile