What do you guys do for listening to music?

That client is also bad. I don’t know why Apple is not creating proper client for Windows.
I am using Cider for a long time.

For the same reason why nobody can update the firmware of their AirPods using an Android device, you didn’t buy enough of their products, and they just don’t give a fuck.

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On desktop I use Parabolic to download songs from YouTube.

I use RiMusic on android

Didn’t know about that one, been using Stacher instead.

Innertune for streaming and Jellyfin plus Finamp for my collection. Seal if I need to download. (Pixel 8, GrapheneOS).

I usually listen to radio. I also have 20yo collection from CDs/MP3 era which I like to listen from time to time. Most of it is on my devices (SSD / SD card) but also in nextcloud server, so I can stream it via subsonic to my devices.

I just found gold squid.wtf

Podcasted music with AntennaPod. This is most of my music that I listen to on the go. I use yt-dlp -x to download music from youtube as needed and play locally with mpv, or use mpv to play youtube videos directly.