I need alternative suggestions for music streaming eg yt music/spotify

Currently using freetube for yt alternative and it works great. Any similar suggestions for yt music/spotify? I’m on linux pc

I’ve heard about Beatbump for this but have not personally used it.

I’ve heard it suggested here that Apple Music is less bad than Spotify when it comes to privacy, but my opinion is the difference between them is negligible. As far as I can tell, there isn’t a privacy-friendly paid music streaming service.
However, if you aren’t paying, you don’t have to provide your identity. ViMusic and Nuclear are two FOSS music streaming programs that play music from Youtube with the UI of a music streaming service. You don’t need to log in to use either.

Thank you for the suggestions. Do you use nuclear on pc? How’s the experience?

I have uploaded some of my music library to nextcloud, and I’m streaming it via subsonic to devices (phone and laptop) without enough space for my music collection. But I plan to organize my archive properly and reduce streaming as much as possible

Nuclear, already mentioned, is a nice looking alternative

I found out about Funkwhale and it seems cool. It does seem like a real task though, for me, since my music collection is atrophied from years and years of streaming (i was even an early spotify user). https://alternativeto.net/software/funkwhale/about/

Hyperpipe - YouTube Music frontend made using Piped

InnerTune is also great

You can use Spotube, Songtube, Innertune, and Musify. It’s also possible to use new pipe and libeetube in audio only mode.

The real alternative would be to start your own personal music collection (as in, files saved on your computer or phone). Whether bought, ripped or pirated is up to you.


I don’t do a lot of streaming myself, would Funkwhale do the trick ?

cider classic is no longer actively maintained + cider 2 is not open-source

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is the desktop client open source?

no, that’s the point.

that’s very unfortunate, I liked it.

Im heavy user of YT music. Quite nice. Good price<>value ratio