What config do you suggest for VM?

I use Fedora. I installed virt-manager and I use KVM. I open some un-trusted apps (Opera web browser, Google Chrome, Teamviewer…) inside VM. The guess OS is also Fedora.

I have a backup of Fedora installed virtual-disk file. On this file I did nothing. Fedora is un-touched. I did it because any config inside VM makes me more unique.

Every 4 month I delete the current VM disk, and I copy from old (backup) one.

Is there anything I can do for privacy for VM configurations? Kind of “hide my motherboard serial number” from Virt-Manager or something?

I only run the below script every 2 weeks inside VM to reset some things:

sudo hostnamectl set-hostname --pretty $RANDON_STRING
sudo hostnamectl set-hostname $RANDON_STRING
sudo rm "/etc/machine-id"
sudo touch "/etc/machine-id"
sudo systemd-machine-id-setup