What are the most private email providers

I’m considering moving identity to a new email provider since i have loads of emails from gmail and proton etc. I just wanna delete them all and start fresh. While I accept email isn’t an inherently private form of communication, what would you all say is the most trustworthy/private?



Would Riseup.net also meet those requirements?

Nope Riseup Email (Not private, cock.li likewise)

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For a traditional mail experience I’d just go with mailbox.org over riseup or cock.li. My only complaints are:

  • Alias recycling. I would like them to be permanent, but I understand why they are not.
  • Odd 2fa experience

I have some workflow specific needs that keep me on mailbox.org over Tuta or PM. I also do not use the the PGP encryption at rest recommended by PG.

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If not enabling the pgp inbox encryption, what encryption do you get?

Check disroot.org if it is OK for your needs.