Waydroid privacy/security

Hi, thinking of using Waydroid for a couple of work apps when working from home so I can use them via a VPN on my Fedora box. It seems that one nice thing about Waydroid is that you can have several apps open at once next to each other which would be convenient. My only other Android option currently are GOS phones for these apps which I could do, but I’m interested in the Waydroid layout.

Is Waydroid reasonable from a privacy / security standpoint. I don’t see any posts here on it but at r/privacyguides I found:

1 - from 2022, Waydroid uses an insecure fork of Android 10, security model disabled, etc.

What would a closed source permission-maximalist Android be able to discern about my computer or my network from within the Waydroid container?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.