Vanadium (GrapheneOS Web Browser)

I daily drove Vanadium with DNS filtering for a really long time, with JIT disabled, and I couldn’t remember seeing an ad or especially being annoyed or interrupted by it.

Especially when you use NewPipe, LibreTube or any other amazing tools instead of relying on content filtering. You can literally visit or and have a ad-less, sponsor-less experience of YouTube. There are some kinds of frontends for almost everything.

This just shows how overrated browser content filtering is and how it entirely depends on a user and use case. None of the browsers is a silver bullet.

Realistically, how many privacy-invasive sites does one visit that have basic or naive scripts that Brave protects against? And doesn’t use any personal information, at which point browser fingerprinting is irrelevant. Not many…

And how hard is to just open Tor Browser which is a proper tool for this and use that if fingerprinting is your concern? Not hard…

This is wrong: there is zero functional difference where it is installed from.

This is wrong: disabling JIT does not block any ads/trackers

This is wrong: DNS blocking cannot do CNAME filtering or cosmetic filtering

Head still in sand.

Why are you pushing this agenda?


What about NextDNS? It can do CNAME filtering.

Yes, let’s all pay for a proprietary service and send every domain we visit to them.

Seriously, this is awful advice.

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I guess I was schizophrenic when I tested that.

Yeah, this quickly turned into a “no one wins an argument” case for me. I will just end it here.

Why are you implying I am insulting you?
The only thing disabled JIT will do is cause JavaScript to run slower and WASM to be disabled, it will not block ads.
(Microsoft is supposedly trying to upstream a patchset that lets WASM run when JIT is off.)

I’m not. I wouldn’t be saying these things about JIT if I hadn’t tested it myself. I’m not a JIT expert, but even if it didn’t block anything, it still stopped the ads from interrupting my browsing, which is a win in my book.

No JIT will make your browser slower.
No JIT cannot and will not block ads. It is a simple fact.

Did you test it without DNS blocking? Because in my testing, disabling JIT doesn’t block any ads.

Yes. Enabling JIT would introduce ads or cookie consent prompts on some sites that weren’t present without JIT. It might be because it wasn’t quick enough to load, but in any case, it didn’t interrupt me, so I consider it a win.

Like others have already pointed out, this is simply not true.

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My opinion:

Since Privacy Guides caters to users of all devices and all OSes, I think Brave is a better recommendation, at least until Vanadium is released for all Android OSes, not just GrapheneOS. For GrapheneOS users, there can be a note or something added saying that Vanadium is also recommended to use, with maybe a short summary of the features Vanadium has and those it lacks.


The main reason why I created this discussion is to stop people from believing that they need Brave on GrapheneOS.

A lot of people rely on PG for their tool choices, and only seeing Brave there without any mention of Vanadium makes them believe that they need it even though there is a high chance they don’t.

Users should be informed about both options and their pros and cons so they can make an informed choice for themselves.

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This is the part which hasn’t been demonstrated in this thread, I think. I would say that there is actually a low chance most readers would prefer Vanadium over Brave, and there isn’t really clear evidence that people are worse off using Brave either.


Anyone that wants a clean browser would take Vanadium over Brave any day.

For example, my girlfriend is using Chrome on her Xiaomi phone because she can’t stand the bloat on Brave.

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brb installing Chrome


All of the annoyances can be disabled in the settings.

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I would rather not have them at all.

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I actually agree with @Lukas, Vanadium is a lot nicer to use compared to Brave, and I definitely preferred using it when I had GrapheneOS. It’s a good browser and there’s no reason for it to not be mentioned (specifying that it’s GOS-exclusive).


I like Vanadium, it has pros and cons, since I use them both, but I’d definitely take it over brave anytime, as a long time gos and pixel user (this coming from a win brave user).
Im in favor of adding it to the list of recommended browser.


  • its fast, clean, no bs
  • overall feels more secure, fastest patches
  • supports bitwarden inline fill (brave cannot use this feature, you need to activate all 4 options in bitwarden - overlay, accessibility etc. I hate this, so Im using brave only for loginless sites).


  • cant have bottom toolbar (I am used to typing and having the sites on the bottom).
  • ads on mobile (I do run my own adguard+unbound, but I dont always activate vpn (my wireguard server) when away and on mobile data - either I forget or I need baterry. Some ads do slip through.
  • device dependent.
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