Using social media native app vs PWA or website

Hello everyone,

What are the privacy implications of using the native iOS Twitter app for example vs it’s PWA app, if I don’t give the app any permissions and disable “Allow apps to request to track” ?

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Use the PWA, it will restrict Twitter more and you can also use an adblocker like AdGuard to block all the garbage.


Id like to ask about tracking cookie. Using a pwa will run inside a browser and will save for example twitter(x) and facebook(meta) tracking cookie as well as authentication cookie. Thise tracking cookie will be connected to your login account.
If I use that browser to navigate to other pages on the net, since those cookie are there and I am anthenticated to meta, I thought that meta would be able to track me more.
When you use the app, at least your browser stay clean and is not authenticated. You’re still tracked, but a little bit more anonymous.

Do I understand correctly ? Id like to better understand. Ive refraines from using pwa because of this reason.

Perhaps a link to good documentation?

Cookies, etc., are isolated from each other. This is called per-site data isolation. Also, if you use either browser or DNS based content filtering, then trackers would be blocked.