Does a PWA offer privacy advantages over traditional webpages?

Is it advisable to use a PWA whenever possible, or does it not matter whether I use a PWA or traditional webpages?

Doesn’t really matter.


Don’t think so, mainly it’s to make a website function like a native app. Compared with native apps, you have the browser’s sandbox protecting you.


I think what @Lukas meant is it does not matter whether you use PWA or traditionl webpages, not PWA vs native application.


I think this mostly comes down to personal preference.

The “advantage” of ‘installable’ PWA scompared to websites/webapps in the browser, is PWAs approximate the UX of a native app, up to and including the ability to be used offline (most can’t be, but it is technically possible).

For me, it really depends on the site/service and whether I’m on mobile or desktop. For something like Spotify, Piped, or an e-mail client I prefer a standalone PWA on mobile. For other things (especially on desktop) I usually prefer it to be in the brower itself.