User Profiles on Android Browsers

Is there a way to use Profiles in Brave Browser on Android ?
This feature exists on desktop but apparently not available on Android.
I’d like to compartmentilise my different accounts without having to install a different browser for each account.
If this isn’t available in Brave Android, is it possible on other browsers ?

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Not that I know of, I have used user profiles for this purpose though.

Well practically i don’t think you need a separate profile for every account you have.
Most users here also practise compartalisation but there should be a balance between no. of profiles and ability to manage it.
I agree that on desktop there a more tools like firefox containers to separate data according to different categories but even if you have 2 or 3 profiles it should do the job.

Personally i avoid signing in from any google , amazon ,banking or any big tech accounts from my mobile device altogether coz there are too many identifiers inhenrently when signing in from smartphone.
For all other pseudo accounts i use brave and for other anonymous browsing i use bromite for example.
I have also set bromite as default which allows you to open links in a incognito tab (i miss brave having this) so that related cookies and cache are separated for any random links.
If you really want more profiles without having different browsers then you can try mull browser + using containers extension.

or you can use webview browsers for low storage space. e.g. foss browser, privacy browser