Use alternative store while having Play Store installed?

Question regarding Graphene OS… just installed it and still learning :slight_smile:

Assuming one is already using Google Play Services/Google Play Store for some apps, is there any reason not to just use Google Play store for all apps (assuming they’re available)?

Is there any benefit in installing apps like Signal (that are also available in the Play Store) through something like Obtainium while already having the Play store installed anyway?

Any downsides in terms of notifications working/not working or batter drainage etc?

No, because you’ll be using Google’s push notification service.

There isn’t really any reason to install apps anywhere else if you are using the Play Store. It is the safest way to install apps on Android. The only reason would be if the app isn’t available on the Play Store. Even GrapheneOS officially recommends the Play Store.

FOSS apps on Play Store commonly still have proprietary libraries, which aren’t included in their counterparts.