USB hubs with video out and ethernet

I want a USB-C/HDMI/ethernet hub for convergence that is not capturing HDMI data and exfiltrating it out over the ethernet port.

I’m researching convergence, specifically to use intermittently with a new Pixel 8 (or maybe a Pixel 9 in the fall) w/ GOS. I learned that Pixels can use ethernet-to-USB-C for network access and also have a rudimentary desktop mode as of Pixel 8 with external monitor support which may become more robust with Android 15 and Pixel 9. (I would think that hub concerns could also apply to docking laptops and tablets generally.) I assume data connections across a hub would be encrypted with TLS, a VPN, or TOR and not therefore a concern. However, I don’t think HDMI-out is encrypted unless HDCP is specifically implemented (and it appears to be meant for DRM-protected streams such as from DVD players).

My goal is to acquire a hub that is not acting nefariously in any way such as:
-Capturing screenshots of unencrypted HDMI streams to the external monitor
-Transmitting any captured data externally out over ethernet

Those of you using such hubs, how have you ensured/tested they are not capturing HDMI data and exfiltrating it?
Can you think of any other ways that privacy and security could be compromised with a multifunction port (with video out, various USB ports, etc)?