A privacy question I never considered, is it safe to plug into a public tv?

Are there any privacy or security concerns with plugging a laptop, phone, or tablet into a public (hotel, restaurant, or conference center) TV via HDMI?

I’ve never thought of this before, but I do a lot of conferences and events for work and people are always plugging their devices in using the provided cables and adapters.

Is this a way to transmit malware to or to steal data from the user’s device?

The reason I thought about it is that I am going to be traveling soon and want to watch Netflix on something larger than my tablet. Most people’s first instinct (other than to hope the smart TV works) would be to plug into the hotel TV via HDMI, but I never plug into public devices. I considered a one-way HDMI cable, but that doesn’t address data harvesting (if doing that is possible), the one way cable only addresses loading malware back onto my device.

Would coax have the same privacy and security concerns as HDMI?

I always travel with a hotspot and with data blocking USB cables for charging, so I’m careful about what I connect to. I just never thought about TVs before.

So is connecting to public TVs generally safe or should it be avoided like the USB jacks under the bar?

To be honest, even the “USB jacks under the bar” are practically not a real threat:

HDMI could certainly have a vulnerability, it can do many things besides video (the standard allows for Ethernet, for example). However, I’ve never heard of HDMI being exploited for this purpose.

I never heard of HDMI being exploited like this either. But then I thought about it and it kind of made sense as a vulnerability because people are always plugging into video ports without giving it a second thought. Although hacking via HDMI may not even be worth the effort for the same reasons that Juice Jacking article describes.

Juice Jacking itself always seemed like something that was unlikely to occur, but easy to avoid by carrying power-only cables.