Unable to use Tutanota through Tor or Mullvad?

Today I have been unable to login through either Tor or Mullvad browsers, an error saying "Seems like your browser is not supported or outdated. " then says I am using Firefox 115, and it links the FAQ in which it reads “Tutanota supports the current version of the following browsers: Firefox (desktop) …”

Meaning, Tor and Mullvad Browser are based on the 115 version of Firefox, where Firefox itself is now on now on 119.

Hence, we cannot use Tutanota through these browsers until they update to a more recent Firefox?

I am posting here in case I am missing something, because this seems pretty huge - to be unable to use a most private email provider through a most private browser. Are other people experiencing this? I was planning on migrating fully to Tutanota, but this is tempting me to cancel in favor of Proton


if you are comfortable with installing an extension (which in every other case you shouldn’t be for Mullvad/Tor Browser), you can opt to use Chameleon to change the useragent to reflect current versions of Firefox.

You should probably contact Tutanota support and ask, because according to their policy it shouldn’t be happening. By “current” Firefox they mean (emphasis mine):

  • Firefox desktop: two latests [sic] versions + ESR (Extended Support Release)

That should be inclusive of the current Firefox 115 ESR :thinking:


Thanks I didn’t see that, I saw this: Tutanota Support

But yes, I will contact them. In the meantime, it would be good to know if others are experiencing this now, and/or if it’s the type of thing one might expect to happen in switching to Tor. or its an usual bug which we can expect to be fixed very promptly.

They have activated WebAssembly in the past months. Wasm seems to be disabled in “safer” mode on Tor Browser and Mullvad Browser. The solution is to access the site in “standard” mode instead of “safer”.

If you are getting this warning on the Tor browser, you can either:


Please do not do this.


I only quoted a small but relevant part of their statement.

If a developer like you were to bring it to their attention, they might take you seriously and withdraw their objectionable proposal.

There is another side to this issue. Tor Browser has disabled wasm in “safer” mode even though it already allows JavaScript on https sites. Is wasm that dangerous or should we open a ticket to the Tor Browser developers to enable wasm in “safer” mode?

WASM is disabled in Safer because it depends on the JIT which is also disabled.
And both are reasonably expected to be disabled in Safer.

A better solution if there was change would be a per-site toggle for it.

Someone should prod Tuta to remove such a recommendation though.