Mullvad Web Browser

Is Mullvad web browser going to be available for Android devices?

My guess is probably not due to the limitations of Firefox on Android, but I don’t know for sure.


Ok, I would love to see a Mullvad browser application for Android if possible in the near future, hopefully they will be able to develop it.

I think they once said that it is a long term project.

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I use Mull though.

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Here’s what a Tor Browser/Mullvad Browser developer has to say about this:

Now as far as Mullvad Browser on Android is concerned, such a thing is technically possible but requires a fair bit of technical work to do. The build system first of all would need to be updated to support building vanilla Firefox for Android. In addition, an additional refactoring of the various Android-specific components would need to happen; Tor Browser for Android consists of a stack of projects all working together, and they all operate under the assumption that they are building Tor Browser. In 2022 we explicitly reorganized the Tor Browser repo (used to build our version of the Gecko web-view) into two sections, ‘base-browser’ (described above) and ‘tor-browser’ with a nice clean dividing line between the two. This same work would need to happen with all of the other Firefox for Android components we modify. Then of course Mullvad Browser-specific patches for branding, look and feel, etc would need to be applied. And all of this new code would need to be maintained after the initial dev work of getting it all working

Please refer to this exchange on GitHub to understand the distinction: